Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kung-Fu - Week 2

Day 5: 12/14/15 - Monday
Class was similar to last week.  Some basic warm-up's and working on our own material.
I'm thinking that I finished my 8 horse stance and was introduced to 8 punches.

Day 6: 12/16 - Wednesday
In true fashion we started tonight with push up's!

Day 7: 12/18 - Friday
missed - Christmas Party

Day 8: 12/19 - Saturday

This week I'm feeling a little better about classes.  I'm still taking 2-3 Excedrin before class.
We missed Friday/Saturday but we did do about a 2 hour class at home.  Fortunately Chris knows a lot of warm up material so that helps me.
I find that I want to practice on my off nights - just to be prepared for the next day.

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