Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kung-Fu Week 6

1/11 - Monday
It felt good to be back in class but I would be lying if I didn't say I was a little scared given what happened last week.
After warm-up's we did line drill but this time Sifu told me to only do half the gym.  That was a relief!
After that we did group forms.  Basically we break off into groups of similar levels and do the forms that we know.  At this point I am have learned 8 horse stances and 8 punches.
Overall I took it easy and tried to work at my own pace.  When you get in a group setting there are moments of peer pressure to try and keep up.

1/13 - Wednesday
By the end of the night we did over 100 pushups!  Brutal!
After class I had a great talk with Sifu.  He approved some different black shoes that have a lot more of support and we talked about last Saturday.  He told me that going forward anytime we get into something that I can't do then I can tell the instructor that Sifu gave me permission to modify.
But in reality I'm not really that far behind.  I'm usually taking 2-3 steps for ever most people's 1 step - so for instance by only doing 1/2 the gym in line drills I'm almost doing the whole thing!
I think I really needed to hear that it's OK and get the validation from Sifu.

1/15 - Friday

1/16 - Saturday
Today instead of running I did jump rope and straight kicks until the rest of the group came back.
We finished warm-ups and then did stations.
This was new for me but I actually really loved it.  We had 10 stations (one for every person) and they were anything from push-ups, kicking the bag to squats.

Overall this week felt really good.

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