Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kung-Fu - Week 7

1/18 - Monday

1/20 - Wednesday
Due to the snow it was only myself,Chris and 2other people..
After warmups we spent a lot time working on our basics. We broke down the 8 horse stances and basic 8 punches and it was great to have so much one on one time.
Sifu also worked with me on my next form - the 8 chain punch.
This is where line drills will come in handy!

1/23 - Friday
Had a decent size class.  Tonight's instructor is good at teaching and corrected a stretch that I didn't know I was doing incorrectly.

1/24 - Saturday
Weather was still a little dicey but we had a good sized group.  Chris led the warm-up's so that was cool.I was worked a bit with another lady on our 8 chain punches.  Hopefully I will get this down!
I put so much pressure on myself and get frustrated when I don't pick something up right away.
I know it will come.  Just wish it would come faster!

Overall this week was much better than last!

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