Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Geez, almighty

So I guess I have failed, yet again, of keeping up with my blog posts. Why is it that I can find time to read useless crap on the internet and play on FB but can't find 5 minutes to jot down my thoughts at the end of the day.

To date we are in Loudon staying with Chris' mom. We lost Bill on February 24 of this year. Who would have thought that an operation would have brought us to this point. Bill was diagnosed w/ a brain tumor and the doctor was very optimistic that once removed life would be back to normal. While rehab was starting to take place he took a turn for the worse and had a severe stroke and never recovered. It was so hard being on this side of grief. Chris was there for me when I lost my dad and now I know what it must have been like for him to have felt completely and utterly helpless. Bill was a great man and so nice to everyone. It was awesome to hear all the stories from friends of what a great man he was. I see so much of Bill in Chris that I can only hope and pray that we end up like his parents - married almost 53 years and content with the little things in life.

While we are here we have come to enjoy the peace that this little town offers. Granted there's not any watering holes to go to but we have saved a few pennies along the way. We have decided to start making the transition to finding a place to live close to his mom. She has 100% become smitten with our Abby and I think Abby feels the same. She gets taken outside whether she wants to or not and pretty much has the run of the house. If I didn't know better I would think Abby is a real life grandchild. We have decided that when we move back home (until we get the condo on the market) that Abby will stay here during the week and will get her on the weekends. I think it's a win win for everyone involved.

Till the next time..