Thursday, September 24, 2009

Somebody call 9-1-1

So one of my favorite songs of the summer has been Sean Kingston "Fire Burning".. I think its the catchiness of the beat along with some of the lyrics. So tonight this song came to fruition because "Shawty" had to call 9-1-1.

I had noticed my little toy Miata acting funny today and on the way home from work my lights and radio started going crazy and finally everything shut down. I was able to pull it over to the side of the road and it came to a stop. Well then I started smelling a horrible smell and it was smoke from the back of the car. Not quite sure what to do I called 9-1-1 to make sure that my car was not going to explode. Finally after the "firefighters" (there was a woman amongst the men) showed up they opened the doors and smoke billowed out of my little Miata. They opened the trunk and sure enough the battery was on fire. They put it out and everything was ok.

So now that I'm home, I'm grateful that everything turned out ok. Looks like we just have to replace some of the wiring and the battery. What a way to end a Thursday night!

Monday, September 14, 2009

8 Months

Yesterday was 8 months since my dad has been gone and it almost feels like it just happened. I'm not sure when I will ever feel "normal" or if I will ever be able to think about what life was like before January 13.

I had told myself that I would like to go to the cemetary to at least put some fresh flowers down, but I couldn't do it. I've not been there since the burial and can't bring myself to even think about what to put on a head stone. I guess I feel that there are no words to express what I would want anyone that passes by to know about my dad.

Perhaps next month I will visit.

I did get some good news from the lawyers on Friday. My dad's estate is in probate and it has been a mess. I did find out that the lawyer will be able to negotiate the debt down so the total money due is not nearly as high as I had once thought. This is good because it should (keep fingers crossed) allow me to keep the house and sell it or rent it when I am ready. I didn't like the feeling of being rushed to discard things and I wanted to be able to go through every item in the house in my timing. So it sounds like I will be able to do that with no certain deadlines.

I had moved out of my dad's house about 4 years ago, but we had lived there for about 20 years so you can imagine the stuff that accumulated. I knew my dad was a pack rat but I had no idea. We are finding so much stuff that I just knew he would have thrown away. Like my old baby crib that was broke or some model cars that my brother and I had put together. ahh.. I guess my dad was just sentimental and I'm positive that is where I get my sensitivity from. At times it's been funny to go through my old toys and remember the great times that I had with my barbie dolls and playing with them for hours on end with my best friend. At other times it's been very sad but I guess this a part of growing older and moving on and letting go of the past.

Speaking of the past, Chris and I have been able to learn from the past mistakes of my dad and try to be efficient in our planning for the future. We started Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University yesterday at our church. It is a 13 week course and we have already made a couple of sacrifices. Chris will give up energy drinks at Weigel's while I have to give up fountain drinks at Weigel's (sniff, sniff). Most people that I work with know that I am 100% addicted to fountain drinks. It's like my crack.. although I have no idea what that is like. But I have agreed, if only for the sheer thought that I need to start out small. So if saving us .86 (told you i was addicted) per day is my contribution then I am willing to do it. I am excited to see what sorts of changes we can begin to make in our financial situation. I will keep an update going here.

Here's to no more fountain drinks....... wait, he only said Weigel's..........

Monday, September 7, 2009

First Blog-Introduction

Hello World! I have always been a late bloomer in life and blogging is no exception!

I've been thinking for several days about what the title of my blog should be and a good friend and fellow blogger Janet said, "it needs to be something of meaning to you". And it totally made sense. I couldn't expect to write my thoughts and my feelings to a title that someone else gave me. So for the last week I've been trying to put a title to my diary.. and today it hit me "Forever Young". I will go into more detail about why this song means so much but this is a title of a great song from Rod Stewart. I am currently listening to this song for about the fourth time in a row and here are the lyrics..

"May the good Lord be with you down every road you roam
And may sunshine and happiness surround you when you're far from home.
And may you grow to be proud, dignified and true.
And do unto others as you'd have done to you.
Be courageous and be brave, and in my heart you'll always stay- Forever young

May good fortune be with you, may your guiding light be strong.
Build a stairway to heaven with a prince or a vagabond
And may you never love in vain and in my heart you will remain-Forever young

And when you finally fly away I'll be hoping that I served you well
For all the wisdom of a lifetime, no one can ever tell
But whatever road you choose I'm right behind you, win or lose -Forever young"

I have heard this song off and on in my life, mainly as background music whenever I was shopping, but it wasn't until a couple years ago that this song actually meant something a little more to me. When Chris and I got married my mom and dad put together a photo montage for me that was played at our reception, and one of the songs they chose was Forever Young. The pictures that they picked out were of me as a baby and chronicled my childhood and it went perfectly with this song. I remember crying (and laughing,) at all the pictures that my parents had taken through my childhood. While some of them were embarrassing to show to all of our guests, it was a great way to show once again how much my parents loved me. I am truly blessed.

I have decided that my blog will be more of a documentary of my life and while I'm not sure who will read this, I am ultimately doing this for myself as a form of therapy. This last year has been filled with much dispair and I found that I need an outlet to release all the thoughts that go in and out of my head. I can't say that I have any great nuggets of truth or opinions to share but maybe someone, somewhere will like what they read.