Friday, January 30, 2015


I was just thinking the other day about the dynamic of the relationship I have with my mom and wondered when we became more than just "mother" and "daughter".

Growing up our relationship was always close and she would do just about anything for my brother and I. Heck, she even quit a job at TVA to stay at home with us.

When her and my dad split it was months after I lost my brother in a car accident and I felt that my whole world was falling around me.  She ultimately chose to leave and for close to a year I harbored anger and bitterness that she would leave me to help raise my niece when I was trying to start my own life.

After months of months of pushing my mom away I realized that it was making me miserable.  I don't remember the exact chain of events but I do know that we started to repair the damage.  It took a long time for me to regain the trust that I once had with her but it finally happened.

So through the years the dynamic changed and became one of friendship.  She's usually the first person I call for advice and I know that we can pretty much talk about anything and she will be as diplomatic as possible when I have a decision to make.

Maybe this is normal for most mother's and daughter's but I feel pretty lucky to have her as mine.