Wednesday, May 14, 2014

March - April 2014

Spring is finally here!
This winter was so cold and dreary I don't think anyone thought that warm temps were going to come.  But here they are and I'm LOVING it.  It has been in the 80's all week.

What's been going on... well I guess the biggest news is that I have started a new job and today marks my one month anniversary there.  I guess I always knew that at some point I would leave my other job but just wasn't sure or when.  An opportunity presented itself and I think.. scratch that... I know I made the right decision.  I'm looking forward to learning all that I can and hopefully be there long term.  I am able to use my accounting skills that I have learned along the way as well as be more versed in the Project Management side of things.  We work a lot in the travel/tourism industry so that is something completely different for me.

Chris also switched up positions and is now doing marketing for several of the different brands at i10i.  It was a welcome change and so glad that he's been able to explore his options.

Still trucking along on the Financial Peace.  We did purchase a car... cheap car...  since we are now working at two separate places but still on track to have things paid off this year.  We are foregoing a trip to Austin, Texas for Formula 1 but like I told Chris this is only a temporary situation.

We have also started getting serious again about our health and have been using some great apps to track our calories, weight loss and steps taken during the day.  I think we both realized that along with having our "financial" peace it makes sense to partner that with a "healthy" peace.  I know that sounds corny but I want to be able to do and go and not worry if I have enough Advil in my purse to make through a hike.
As I have gotten older my joints, especially in my hips, have gotten worse but along with that I have also put on some weight.  I am hoping that by dropping 20 or so pounds that I will start to see a difference.
I am currently on day 9 with no cokes whatsoever.  I had done this once before when we were doing Insanity but after that was over I slowly crept back into some bad habits.  I am making it a priority to ditch the colas and the fried foods for some weight loss.