Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Time to Play Catch UP

I have stepped  away a few months from blogging because, well, nothing really interesting is going on that I felt was blog worthy.  I just happened to be on my desktop looking through some random photos and realized that I really need to start to keep up with writing again.  If anything to help me remember stuff since I'm notorious for forgetting the details (I blame my fall in 2007). 

So for starters Chris and I are just about to wrap up our 60 day Insanity challenge.  We had to take a brief detour while Chris recovers from yet another eye surgery.  This time to remove a cataract that was caused from his Retinal detachment surgery a couple years ago.  As of today he says he's able to see things a little clearer so that's a plus.  So like I said we are about to wrap this crazy workout up and it's been a great eye opener for us as well as a lifestyle change.  We are way more conscience about what we are eating, how much we are eating and how often.  I was worried at first that it was going to take a toll on our budget but it's not been that bad.  I have really liked cooking new recipes (some not so great!) and I'm always looking for the next best, and easy, recipe.  To date Chris has dropped about 15 and I'm down about 6.  I can tell that I have lost several inches and my clothes are fitting better.  When we finish this up we are going to start another Beach Body program - ChaLean.  It's working with weights which will be a nice change of pace from Shaun T and his crazy Max Cardio Circuit!  

A is just a few weeks out from graduating high school and moving on to college land.  I know she will do great!  She has me looking up some photos of her and I together and it's amazing how quickly time has flown by.  Amazing how a few short years ago we were still living under the same roof and I was braiding her hair for church.  I love that kid! 

Our Godson is almost 14 months and keeping his mom and dad very busy.  We kept for a few hours last weekend and had fun reading and playing.  He has learned a few signs so all of a sudden he stopped what he was doing and did the sign for "eat".  I was pretty impressed.

Mother's day is this weekend so I think we are getting the mom's together for a cook out provided it doesn't rain. We have had a ton of rain lately and I'm about over it! 

Well, I guess that's all for now.  I'll write more when I can.