Tuesday, December 30, 2014

August 2014

August in the Harp home was about average.  Nothing terribly exciting happened. The weekend of the 22nd we went to Atlanta for a race with our good friends and that was an exciting weekend.  

We left work and headed down the road arriving at our hotel around 11:15 pm.  As we pulled in to the hotel I went to the trunk to get our luggage and low and behold it wasn’t  there.  While I’m usually calm and collected this time I was neither calm nor collected.  It was Atlanta.  In August and it was going to be HOT

So upon realizing that a certain Harp, who will rename nameless, left our luggage at home I did what any supporting spouse did and started slinging the curse words and “How could you?” and “What are we supposed to do now”.  To which my husband replies:  “Well, I’m sure the hotel has an extra toothbrush”.  Toothbrush?!  That was the least of my concerns.  How about clean underwear, deodorant, makeup, the list goes on and on.  Oh-and since I had worn my glasses down I didn’t have my contacts either which meant that I couldn’t wear my adorable sunglasses that I had recently purchased. 

So we did what we had to do and found the closest Walmart.  Upon entering Walmart I hear the muffled voice on the intercom “We will be closing in 45 minutes, please bring your final purchases to the front”.  Are you freaking kidding me?!  I thought ALL Wal-mart’s catered to those that forget their luggage and are open 24 hours.  Nope – not this one.We decided to split and Chris went to his department and I went to mine where I did find a few pairs of shorts that I thought would do for the weekend.  But alas, the fitting room was closed.  I begged the poor janitor – but nope, nada, nothing he could do.
You see, being 4’5 has always brought challenges where clothes were concerned.  It always means trying things on, majority of things having to be altered, etc.  So by this time Chris has returned with all his treasures and I am standing in the aisle spewing profanities like that was magically going to make everything ok. 

With that said Chris was a good sport and helped me find a few pairs of gym shorts and tshirts that suited the occasion but not before we spent $200 on all the necessities.
I am glad I can laugh about it now but at the time it was not a pretty site.  Over the weekend it was a running joke about how everything we were wearing came from Walmart.

Just making memories as my mom always says..  

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