Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

The last couple of months have been pretty normal.  Work, home, repeat.

We went camping over the summer to Hot Springs with some friends and the dogs (and humans) loved it.  We hiked up to Max Patch  and the views were absolutely breathtaking. In total we had 4 dogs and they loved the wide open spaces.  We have been keeping Kooper for our good friend's but she is getting ready to be returned to them in a couple of weeks.  I'm sure she is ready to be back with her real family although I'm not sure how Abby will react.  They have been together since July 4th so I'm sure it will be an adjustment for both of them.

Last week we went to New Orleans for J's 40th bday.  Originally Chris wasn't going to go but I'm glad he was able to get the time off work.  NOLA is not some place I would want to be by myself.  Granted there was a big group but it's not the same.  Here is a group shot of our Halloween costume.  Yes, we went as the Care Bears.  It was a lot of fun and somewhere out there we are probably on some else's FB since people were taking pictures of us the entire night.  Side note that we actually did make these!

During the days we recouped and ate some fantastic food.  My favorite being a dish from Palace Cafe. The specific pork dish that I got reminded me of dad's home cooking and nothing has come close to that.  On top of that Chris and I split a piece of Crabcake cheescake.  It was to die for!

We also hung around Jackson Square and saw some really good artwork and a piece.  I wish we had bought more so maybe next time.  Here is a pic on the grounds of the church on Jackson Square.

The music in the city is fantastic and we found ourselves wishing we had more time to take it all in.  Our last night there we did a haunted tour in the French Quarter and learned some interesting facts about the city.  That was probably a highlight of the trip.

In a couple of weeks we are heading to take Freddy back to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for some more heart tests.  Over the summer he had a couple of spells with his heart that put him in the hospital on a couple different occasions.  Chris took him to Vanderbilt the first time in August and when they left his house there was a police escort!  Loudon loves Freddy Ray!  This time around the Dr. is wanting to try and re-create the episode under a controlled environment to see if they can target what exactly is causing them.  We will be there overnight so hoping for a good outcome.

Hard to believe but the holiday's are here again.  I went shopping over the weekend and there was Christmas music playing!  I guess I forgot that at Goody's we started Christmas music on November 1.
I really don't miss working retail this time of year.

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