Friday, January 8, 2016

Kung Fu - Week 5

Day 9: 1/4 - Monday
Tonight I felt pretty good and did an OK job of keeping up.  I felt a little tired and sore from Saturday but it usually doesn't take too long to start loosening up.
We did quite a bit of breathing and our normal warm-up drills.   After warm-ups we got ready for line-drills.
I'm starting to get the foot work down but I'm still out of whack when it comes to coordinating my feet with my punches.  It's cool to have the Seniors cheer and come along side me but I am determined I will get this down!  We did a lot of punches and various holds.  Of course Rev was my partner.  She's a funny kid but eager to help me out.
We finished class and I did about 20 minutes of extra stretches.
Those of that stayed after class went out for dinner.  It's cool getting to know these people outside of class.

1/7 - Tuesday
Today is not a KF day but I wanted to document how I was feeling.
I woke up not feeling 100%.  I started feeling some achy-ness throughout my body which I can only describe as feeling like the flu.  I came home from work, ate dinner and fell asleep on the couch around 7:30.

Day 10: 1/6 - Wednesday
I woke up again today to the aches and pains like Tuesday on a bigger scale.  Today my pain was moving down my left leg and my right arm was hurting more than usual.  (I had issues with bursitis in the past).  I told Chris I didn't think I could make it to class and came on home after work.
I spent the night pulling some of my old medical files from Dr. Kopits and the last specialist that I saw in 2006. In Dr. K's file from the 90's the talks of a hip replacement were there but nothing he felt was terribly urgent.  He did mention that having the surgery would head off any pain when I got older but at the time I was going into my senior year of high-school and the timing was not the best.
The papers from the Dr. in Ohio said similar things but also mentioned my weight.  At the time I was 120 (at least I've hovered around the same weight all these years).  This further proves that the weight is definitely a factor.

1/7 - Thursday
Feeling about the same but today the pain is moving down my lower back.
Got home after work and had Chris rub some tiger balm on my lower back.  The pain was pretty severe.
The aches through the rest of my body are still there but maybe not as bad as yesterday.
We watched tv for a bit but around 11 Chris and I started doing some more research and a lot of the signs were pointing to Rhabdomyolysis.  After a few minutes we decided to head to the ER just to be on the safe side.  They ran some blood work and a urine sample and thankfully everything checked out Ok.
The dr. said my CK levels were a little elevated but nothing to be worried about.

Day 11: 1/8 - Friday
After yesterday I decided today that I would go ahead and just take the rest of the weekend off and decide to go back to class on Monday.

Day 12: 1/9 - Saturday

Overall I was bummed to miss so many classes but I definitely feel that I have to start listening to my body.
Chris said that Sifu and several others asked how I was doing so that made me feel good :)

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