Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting Back to Somewhat Normal

So no, we have not fallen off the bandwagon but rather continuing to make modifications.

We are starting to see some of the fruits of our labor. We are both continuing to drop a pound here and there, my joints are feeling better than they have in a long time and my energy is up.

I can be truthfully honest and say that yesterday was not a good day for us. Yesterday morning I went to walk our dog while Chris made the morning brew and as I walked in the house the smell was almost more than I could take. I drank the juice but in all honesty it took all I could to get it down. So that started the tone for the day. I hate to admit that I started letting my thoughts get the best of me but after being on this for 9 days I was in need of serious motivation! Chris helped me push through but we were both contemplating what we were doing and if this was really worth it. That is when we decided that we needed to re-evaluate our plan.

The point of us doing the juice detox in the first place was to kick some of the bad habits we had grown accustomed to and surprisingly create some new addictions.
Kick the habit of drinking at night - Check
Kick the addiction to caffeine - Check
Start the addiction to water - Check
Start craving fruits and vegetables - Check
Losing a few pounds - Check

So all in all in the last 10 days I feel that we have accomplished quiet a bit.

So this leads us to how we move forward and not undo what we have worked hard to accomplish.

I am still continuing to do some research but what we do know is that we still want to continue to juice daily, even 2-3 times a day but just start incorporating better healthy foods in our diet. My idea is to juice B/L and snacks and then for dinner do something sensible. What I don't want to see happen is that we get so sick of juicing that we lose the momentum and give up completely.

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