Saturday, July 23, 2011

Juicing Day 6 (Friday)

Chris had to be up super early for work so we were rushed when we made our breakfast so I wasn't able to take any pics. Chris was able to juice this morning and then for lunch, since he was with a client, he was able to eat a salad. I mainly juiced all day with a handful of nuts and raisins and of course plenty of water.

One of the issues we have been discussing is our upcoming vacation. We are going to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks and juicing won't be an option while we are gone (and to be honest isn't the best thing about vacation the food??). Our original plan was to juice up until the week before we leave and then incorporate solid foods to get our systems used to food again. However, after much discussion we decided to modify our original plan just a tad.

Too be honest I did feel guilty because we had put a plan in place and I didn't want to think that one night off would kick us off the bandwagon. We have decided that juicing will be a normal part of our eating routine and so we decided to incorporate that now. I think the plan we have come up with will work and and is a good combination of both foods and juice. Our new plan is to juice breakfast/lunch 6-7 days a week and then weekend dinners will be in moderation.

So for dinner we decided to go to Tomato Head and eat something vegetarian. I had a great salad and the Lucy which is a vegetarian pita with mushrooms, carrots, hummus, onions and a little bit cheese. We were talking to the waitress about tofu and that I had never had it so she brought us a sample to try. The texture was definitely different but the overall taste was pretty good. Chris had the Jose Jose Burrito which was awesome as well.

After we ate we went to the movies to see Tree of Life and while I should save that for another blog, I noticed I was getting a headache and my stomach was feeling a little nauseous. I'm assuming this was my body trying to figure out what the heck is going on. I guess all in all it's a good thing we are introducing some food so our vacation won't be completely miserable.

So to date Chris is down 10 pounds and I'm down 5. Headaches for me are pretty much gone and again I noticed that when I woke up this morning I wasn't stiff. Which is a huge bonus!!

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