Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Juice - Day 4

So day 4 Breakfast and Lunch consisted of more of the green variety. It was decent but not one of my favorites. I still prefer all the fruity drinks but I have to be careful to keep my protein up. For lunch I bought some hummus and ate that along with some vegi's and then as an afternoon snack had another serving of this green juice.

Chris had to work late so I created a juice with honeydew, an apple, orange, cucumbers and a tomatoe.. Pleasantly surprised.

As far as weight loss, Chris cheated and weighed this morning and is down 7 pounds. I'm interested to see when he get home tonight if he has lost anymore. I am down 3 pounds so I'll take what I can get.

Today I still have a headache which sucks but I'm hoping this will go away for good. I am 4 days with 0 caffeine so I'm wondering how much linger this will last. My energy level is up and at times I'm actually shocked with how good I feel.

So all in all I'm happy we decided to embark on this journey. I think we could safely say that even when we are finished with the reboot that we will keep this as a part of our overall way of eating.

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