Sunday, July 17, 2011

To Juice or Not to Juice

So the other night we happened on a documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

This starts with Joe, a guy in Australia who has a strange disease and is about 350 pounds. Basically he was sick of taking all the medications so he started doing a juice fast. Yes, juice day in and day out.

The cool part about the movie is that he meets a guy here in the US that happens to have the same illness and he has and also starts the plan as well. This guy was 6'1 and almost 400 pounds. I won't give the movie away but just to say that in a matter of days he was dropping weight and his skin looked amazing.

So after watching the move Chris and I have decided to give it a whirl. This week we will be ramping up on a vegetarian diet and then next Saturday we will start the reboot which will consist of a juice fast. I know it sounds crazy and I'm sure once we start there will be days that we will want to quit but we have dedicated that we are going to stick with it for 15 days.

Basically this is a jump start to changing how we eat/drink/live. We have gotten into a rut where we come home from work, spend an hour or so cooking, have a beer or two and then we hit the couch to either work a little bit more or watch an hour or so of TV before we go to bed and do it all again. Part of the pro's of the reboot is obvious weight loss but it is also good for helping joint issues, mental clarity, energy and a host of other things.

To get started I purposely did not get the cash out that we normally would for our eating out budget. This way we would be forced to eat/juice at home for the next 15 days. Next I went to the store today and loaded up on a ton of fruits and vegi's. I looked like a walking farmer's market. Which now I'm wondering where is the cheapest place to buy fresh produce. Do you do better at a grocery store or at stands around town?

For dinner we are eating home made vegetable soup that I have had in the crock pot all day. This will get us through today/tomorrow and we will try a juice tonight to see how this works. I have several recipes to try but one of the ones we will try tonight is:


So wish us luck. I hope to be able to blog nightly of our daily meals/juices and track how we are feeling.

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