Thursday, July 21, 2011

Juicing Day 5

Here is a pic of our breakfast concoction: consisted primarily of fruits but we try to sneak in a few vegi's when we can..

We also went ahead and made our lunch juice which is the Mean Green. This is the most talked about in the movie but I think we botched it up a little. The recipe didn't really define what a "piece" of ginger was so we put in almost the whole root. It wasn't awful but it was way too much.. lesson learned!

To date, Chris is down 9 pounds and I'm down 3.5. My headaches have gotten better and I suspect another a day or two they will be gone. I did seem to notice that I haven't been quite as stiff today. Usually when I get up in the morning I'm hobbling down the hall but now that I think about it wasn't that bad this morning. Could this stuff really be working?


  1. Mish - I LOVE that you're blogging about this!!!!!! Proud of you guys!!!! .....maybe it's something mike and i will do too......
    KEEP INSPIRING!!!!!!! :)

  2. Thanks Janet! You guys can come for a drink anytime!